BIIP – Business Improvement Initiative Program

What is BIIP?

(Program Status: Coming Soon - 2021!)

The Yorkton Business Improvement Incentive Program (BIIP) is the replacement to the suspended City of Yorkton eZIP program. The BIIP is a city wide Business Improvement initiative, that brings additional value to YBID member business or commercial businesses that choose to establish within the YBID District.

In its partnership with Yorkton Business Improvement District (YBID), Yorkton Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Yorkton, the City of Yorkton wishes to promote economic growth throughout the City and provide enhanced development opportunities for locally-owned business. The objectives of the program are to:

  • Encourage the enhancement of façade and site improvements for all businesses in the City;
  • Encourage expansion of locally-owned businesses;
  • Encourage re-investment into vacant commercial buildings.

This program shall run for a period of five-years ( ending January 1 2026) and will be made available to all new and existing businesses within the parameters of each program. The program is divided into two incentive categories:

  1. Façade and Site Improvements (all commercial properties); and
  2. Business Creation and Expansion (locally-owned businesses).

For Businesses within or considering establishment within the YBID boundaries, additional funds are available as defined within the BIIP Program.

For more details on the program regarding eligibility and application please refer to the City of Yorkton BIIP Program information which can be downloaded for your review below.