Well now you can. The new skateboard park on what used to be Brodie is up and running with plenty of time for boys and girls and men and women of all ages to get lots of time in before winter hits.


The YBID on behalf of all of our members has donated the benches and trash cans as well as the lighting for the actual skate area and lower light for the sidewalk on the west side of the park.

Someone came up with the idea people may want to have a drink of water sometime and have come forward with a great idea for a water fountain system, but more on that on some other occasion.

YBID wants to thanks all of those involved in the major project and there were a lot of then and over time they will get their recognition deserved.


You may be surprised to learn that its not just young kids that enjoy this growing sport, there are a lot of 20 to 30 year olds that “BOARD”.

YBID  encourages everyone to drop by, take the dog for a walk and watch the goings on and see just what has been done to transform this area……………Yorkton really is a Place where Good Things Happen”.

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