2023 Yorkton BIIP Recipients

Five YBID Businesses Recieve Yorkton BIIP Grants in 2023

The 2023 Yorkton BIIP Program was well recieved.  In each year, the number of applications recieved has grown YBID in conjunction with the City of Yorkton consulted with its business members and encouraged business owners and managers to participate on the committee to help make the program easy to use, find and get results quickly.

YBID members can access the Façade and Site improvement Incentive where the YBID members can apply for a BIIP allocation to help underwrite the cost of a business Façade and/or  Site improvement costs. The maximum project cost any YBID member can apply for in a single annual funding cycle is $30,000 where the costs of the project would be shared ( 1/3 from the City, 1/3 from YBID and 1/3 to be paid by the business for the approved façade and site improvement applications).

Participating YBID businesses were impressed with the program stating “it was easy to use, got results and approval quickly, response time was fast” and “they got to start in the spring following their application allowing them to quickly proceed with their business and/or building improvement projects”.

The program requires the business to pay up front for improvements but securing the funding in advance, allows them to to know that reimbursement of the applicable funding was secured.

Congratulations to all those that  applied in 2023 that have been awarded with funds through the initiative! YBID would also like to thank all the District businesses that work to make YBID a highly attractive and desirable place to shop!

The 2023 YBID – City of Yorkton BIIP Recipients Include:

  • Melrose Place
  • Trischuk Dental
  • Pride Holdings
  • Good Spirit Chiropractic
  • Parlour Barber Shop

For more information on the Yorkton BIIP Program and details of all past YBID BIIP recipients please Click This Link!

Congratulations to ALL the businesses receiving the funding in this round of the City of Yorkton’s new BIIP Program! For the next round of applications please apply online at City Incentives – City of Yorkton.

Yorkton: Where good things DO happen!

  • 2023 BIIP Recipient: Trischuk Dental