BIIP – Business Improvement Initiative Program

What is BIIP?

The Yorkton Business Improvement Incentive Program (BIIP) is the replacement to the suspended City of Yorkton eZIP program. The BIIP is a City of Yorkton led, city wide business improvement initiative "to encourage all commercial property owners in the City of Yorkton to enhance the appearance of their buildings and to help lower costs for the creation and expansion of locally-owned businesses".

Your YBID is excited that the City of Yorkton has revitalized these commercial business development and support initiatives and YBID is pleased that we could also partner with them - in a small way - to expand the offering specific to Commercial Property Site Improvements that many of our YBID members wish to undertake.

What is the difference between the old program - and the new?

There are a few new features that YBID member businesses may find of use and interest as they strive to attract more customers to their business, one being the broader coverage.

City of Yorkton Façade and Site Improvements Incentive Program.

This program encourages building facade update but also provides YBID members specifically, the opportunity to also apply to the program in support of other site improvement projects. YBID is proud to partner with the City of Yorkton in support of  the broader business improvement efforts and activities of our Members.

City of Yorkon Business Creation and Expansion Program:

This new incentive and encouragement program provides incentives to applicants who are constructing a new commercial building or adding onto an existing commercial building. The goal of this program is to help expand our local businesses and invite new businesses to our City.

This program is new and launched in 2021.

City of Yorkton Vacant Building Tax Abatement Incentive Program: 

This City of Yorkon program provides incentives for vacant buildings or vacant portions of buildings that are occupied by new locally-owned businesses. The intention is to offset the cost of bringing the building up to the National Building Code and to stimulate economic activity. The goal of this program is to make commercial areas more inviting and visually appealing to visitors and residents, increase property values and build civic pride.

This program is new and launched in 2021.

For more detailed program summary information, or to apply for these initiatives offered by the City of Yorkton, or to review other Province of Saskatchewan business development initiatives - please follow the City of Yorkton Link below!

Economic Development & Business Improvement Incentives