City Centre Clock Project

The YBID City Centre Park Clock Project was a Saskatchewan Centennial Project.

Funded through YBID, the clock represents the centennial year by referencing Yorkton’s past and future, in one structure.

The clock itself is a stylized wheat sheaf which is meant to represent the still significant agricultural heritage of the area. The wheat sheaf is loosely based on the City of Yorkton current logo and represents the City in the present state. The steel is a representative element to the industry that is growing and expanding in and around the City, but is also a nod to the cities future.

The clock is actually two clocks in one which is meant to represent time over the past 100 years, and the future 100 years.

The past 100 years is honored & represented by the accurate & working sundial. The circular base of the clock serves as the sun dial plate, marked with hourly and seasonal equinox lines, appropriate to a working sun dial. The stylized wheat sheaf structure itself serves as the sundial gnomon or centrepiece, casting a shadow at 12:00 noon on the north side of the centerpiece every day.

The future 100 years is represented by the modern digital LED clock embedded within one of the wheat sheaf heads. Bright, bold led numbers are placed so that busy travelers can see the time easily – in recognition of how fast life has become, and the fact that we often simply don’t have time to wait for the sun.