Business owners are the pillar of any burgeoning city. They stimulate local economies and bring vitality to the surrounding communities. An organized collective of business owners is a powerful voice. The desire for this collective merchant voice has been in the development for years in Yorkton, though it has been existing under various names at different points.

Prior to 2004, this common voice representing business owners was called the Downtown Business Owners Association. Today it is known as the Yorkton Business Association (YBID). The goal has always been simple: To improve the appearance of the main shopping district and area’s in Yorkton. Though the original intentions were good, and the efforts productive, the group faced one key issue: lack of funding to achieve their goals.

After much research and case study review, it was determined the best way to overcome this funding obstacle, and to create a more vibrant and successful effort of business district redevelopment, was to adopt the British Columbia program of a Business Improvement District (BID). Through City of Yorkton Bylaw 27-2004 the Yorkton Business Improvement District was formed, accessing the needed funds for district redevelopment through a small property levy agreed to by businesses residing within the district boundaries. The district levy funds raised annually are matched by the City of Yorkton.

THE Yorkton Business Improvement District continues to focus on supporting development and building relationships with community partners while continuously striving to be a one-stop support shop for local business within our district.