How the YBID is Administered

Theformal designation as a BID provides a forum for business member participation through a Board of Directors and its committees. Pursuant to the Cities Act, the YBID board consists of up to 11 representatives who are nominees of businesses which operate within the YBID, or YBID district Commercial Property owners.

Board members are elected at the YBID annual meetingserving a minimum term of 1 year. Board members are eligible for re-electionannually. Once elected The Board shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and other officers it may deem necessary to conduct its business.

The Board will be required to keep proper minutes and records of every meeting and will make them available to all members of the Board and any operator of a business upon request. Additionally, the Board will be required to adopt sound accounting practices that are acceptable to the business community and the City of Yorkton. This will include the preparation of regular statements as well as an annual budget and a year-end financial audit.

In addition to the Board, the District will have a Manager/Executive Director, who will administer the day-to-day planning and operations of the organization. This will significantly increase the capacity of the business community to create projects, develop marketing initiatives, organize special events and projects, and prepare communications to businesses within the District at the direction of the Board.