The 2021 Yorkton Santa Claus Parade is here!

Last year due to stringent public health directives because of COVID, a traditional parade was not allowed. Our corp of passionate volunteers found a way that enabled ALL of those restrictions to be honored, while still allowing the Annual Santa Parade to occur.

Yorkton was fortunate – and was one of the very few communities across Canada to hold a Santa Claus Parade.

This year, because of the complete uncertianty of where public health directives would be 3 months into the future, our amazing group of volunteer planners and organizers determined to stay with what was assured to allow the 2021 Yorkton Santa Clause Parade – to proceed.


A Better, Faster, Safer & More Enjoyable Parade Experience!

Last year, the community response to the parade was both overwhelming and humbling. This year, we have taken the lessons learned – and have made significant changes to improve spectator experience & enjoyment.

Parade Radio – Tune into 90.5 FM!

Starting at 3:45 pm, the Yorkton Santa Parade Radio Station will once again be on the air! The station should cover the entire parade & external parade queue area (should it need to form). The station will once again be broadcasting parade ground updates, seasonal music, as well as organizing partner and parade sponsor information. Please agnowledge their support by thanking them for the Parade!


Santa Parade Zone Changes

To speed you safely speed you through the 2021 Yorkton Santa Claus Parade, many changes have been made. Please do follow the directions of all Parade Ground Marshalling and Traffic Safety Staff courteously.

Parade Spectator Rallying Area: Will prepare spectators for entrance into the Parade Zone. Specators will be released in flights on a first in – first through basis. This is also where voluntary Community Donations may be collected and where Parade Spectator Goody Bags will be distributed.

Please – once in the rallying area or the parade zone, do not leave your vehicle. Should you require ANY assistance, please turn on your hazards, and Parade Personelle will approach to assist.

Two Lanes of Spectator Traffic: Once released from the spectator rallying area, you will be directed to one of two spectator lanes. Please courteously follow Parade Marshalling & Traffic staff direction & stay in your lane for the duration of the parade.

Exit Promptly & Safely: Parade Marshalling & Traffic Safety Staff will once again provide direction to “merge” the two lanes into one for exit from the Santa Parade Grounds. It is important to leave the parade lanes promptly, to ensure the flow of spectators remains high – reducing waiting times.


External Santa Parade Zone Spectator Queueing

Last years overwhelming and stunning community response taught all involved that Yorkton is: a place where good things happen! In true Yorkton fashion, the community of spectator’s self marshalled into a very long queue. We hope an external queue will NOT be required, but thought it best to plan for one – just in case

Along the mapped spectator queue route we will have stationed Parade Marshalling and Traffic Control personelle to help the Spectator queue along. Please follow the directions of Parade Marshalling and Traffic Control personelle courteously.

Because of last year, we have developed an external queue plan – if it is needed. Please refer to the map below.

External Parade Queue Ettiquette

Should you find yourself in the spectator queue external to the Parade Zone, we ask that you courteously and respectfully practice the following guidances – in a courteous and thoghtful manner, appropriate to the season:

Join the Queue from the end – don’t cut

Please understand and recongnize that those ahead of you – have waited longer than you. Please join the queue safely, approching from the end.

If the Queue needs to form, it should run along the following routes:

  • Broadway Street Westbound curb lane from Gladstone Ave intersection. Right Turn onto Bradbrook Ave. North & into the parade zone.
  • Gladstone Ave Southbound curb lane to Broadway St. from HWY 16 A/Smith St. Intersection. Right turn @ Broadway St.
  • HWY 16 A Eastbound curb lane from Hwy 16 city centre bound turnoff to Gladstone Ave. Intersection. Right turn @ Gladstone Ave.

Allow Affected Neighbourhood Residents through the Queue

Should the external spectator vehicle queue be required, please respect the enclised neighbourhood residents need to leave or return to their homes. Santa Parade Marshalling and Traffic Control staff will be at all neighbourhood affected intersections to assist. YOU can help us, by courteously allowing the queue enclosed neighbourhood residents through the queue line if and when required.

We hope all – have a plesant, memorable and safe Yorkton 2021 Santa Claus Parade experience! We are truely pleased to be able to offer it!

With warmest wishes from all Yorkton 2021 Santa Claus Parade volunteers involved….

Merry Christmas! Be well! Stay healthy!