Skate Park Lighting

The City of Yorkton Skate Park located just off Broadway Street on Brodie Avenue - was a community wide project that engaged youth, a wide range of individuals, Yorkton service clubs and local businesses both within, and outside of our BID.

The Project won 1st place in a National Aviva Insurance Community Grants competition that was in no small part suggested and supported by a then YBID member, Farrell Insurance Agencies. The city matched and topped up the funds gathered by the organizing committee from all sources and built the park along with the adjacent community access infrastructure surrounding it.

Because of the completion of our longstanding Broadway and YBID District Lighting & Beautification initiatives with our BID - the City of Yorkton approached YBID to underwrite the costs of lighting the new Skateboard Park area as well as the adjacent public walkways.

Though the park is technically not within YBID boundaries, it is adjacent to it. At the urging of several YBID members that supported the community initiative, and in light of the widespread community support for the initiative, our board was only to too happy to support the initiative in a manner that not only benefited the Skate Park users, but provided well lit, safe, pedestrian and bike access into our district from the south residential areas of Yorkton.

Another partner community project well done.

Yorkton is indeed - a place where good things happen!