Why a BID?

Why a Business Improvement District (BID) makes sense!

Yorkton Business Improvement District represents business and the interests of business within the YBID district boundaries. The primary goal of YBID is to improve the opportunity to conduct and grow business within the district! The secondary goal is to improve the overall quality of life of all citizens of Yorkton.

Why participate in my BID ?

  • Promotion and advertising will extend your trading area reach.
  • Planning, proactive, organized, focused, progressive & self-directed; all of which attract strong retailers, strengthening the bid by association.
  • Creates a positive & enthusiastic atmosphere.
  • Participation in City Planning.
  • Promotions bringing customers to the area year round.
  • YOU have a choice and a voice of defining your community.
  • A BID is a PARTNERSHIP with property and business owners within the district and the local municipal government.
  • Funding is by a special levy on BID property owners which are matched by municipal dollars. This funding represents a small portion of the tax dollars collected from the district. The BID or their projects are not funded by the general civic population, even though the project(s) may benefit them.
  • There are many successful BID districts in Canada and the U.S. Our BID is considered to be very successful given the size of our community and the diversity of our BID members.